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UNH Sales offers a variety of opportunities on and off-campus to receive real-world experience in sales.

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Speed Sell

Students step out of their comfort zone to give multiple 90-second pitches on themselves to business professionals.

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Fall Sales Networking Night

Sponsors and students gather for food, drinks, and networking. This relaxed environment allows for connections to be built that can lead to internships or jobs.


UNH Sales Day

The UNH Sales Competition, Sales Career Fair, & Casino is the marquee event for UNH Sales. Collectively, 100+ University of New Hampshire students gather to compete for the top spot, network with companies, and find jobs and internships. 


Women In Sales

UNH Sales partners with the Women in Business Club, to have female sales professionals share their stories and be live examples of women thriving in sales. 


Interview Idol

Students put their communication skills to the test through mock interviews that are judged by business professionals. 


Sales Banquet

Students, sponsors, and alumni gather at the end of the year to reflect and celebrate the continued growth of UNH Sales. This symbolic event acts as a reminder that no matter what role you play in UNH Sales, we are all part of a greater family dedicated to the same mission.

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