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Olivia Scala
Peter T. Paul College Graduate '15

"During my time at The University of New Hampshire I was lucky enough to be a part of the Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics. Out of the many positive opportunities that came out of attending business school, one huge part was being able to be a part of the different groups in the community.

The UNH Sales Club was constructive and motivational in my first two years of being a member, and was then able to move up and be a part of the board of students in my junior and senior years. Not only was I able to mentor multiple students with personal experience stories but I was able to use my prior knowledge to help younger students build resumes, and provide external resources and contacts to help further their knowledge in certain industries and possible future careers.  

Groups within the business school such as the UNH Sales club provide nothing short of astounding prospective opportunities that help shape the future of UNH business students. I would encourage anyone from freshmen to seniors to take advantage of the countless number of resources that these groups have to offer to further their education as well as become a part something bigger that will benefit them in their time at UNH.

I am currently working in New York City, in the Advertising industry and I am loving every moment. Being part of the business school guided me into this spontaneous industry that has been more exciting than I could have hoped. I use skills every day that were taught to me by my mentors throughout my time in UNH Sales club. The crazy thing is, is that sometimes the little things such as, how to write a professional email, how to correctly shake hands in the business world, or how to dress for your industry can make or break an opportunity for recent college grads. All of these things (plus many more) have shaped me into the professional career woman I am today."

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